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Because of Him


As Holy Week continues, and we reflect on the sacred holiday that is Easter, and we also reflect on the effects of the Savior’s eternal and infinite Atoning sacrifice in our behalf.

Thanks to the Church’s “Because of Him” campaign, people across the world are reflecting on how their lives are impacted because of Him. Here are excerpts from Twitter:


“I can be with my family forever!” -@JessicaJaeger97

“I know I will see my loved ones again, even after they’ve passed”                            -@mormongirl101

“I know the importance of empathy” -@Grayismyname

“I am happy and have hope for the future.” -@cmajorb

“…there are never happy endings, but always eternal beginnings.”                           -@HardingAsh

“…even I can be forgiven” -@LDSFFJHSem

“I can choose faith over fear.” -@janaecnorman

“…we do not have to stand completely alone.” -@beccavalletta

“I can strive for grace and perfection.” -@BertaThomason

“I can be happy” -@thatmormon_girl

“…my mistakes are lessons.” -@tajenelson

“I can keep trying.” -@condiekimby

“I am free.” -@MormonLife1



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